Friday, January 4, 2013

Hindu Squats and Push-Ups

If you're tired of standard, Western-style bodyweight exercises, give Hindu push-ups and squats a try. Here's the great Clarence Bass discussing some of the moves popularized by Matt Furey.
After receiving quite a number of emails from people telling me about their positive experiences with Matt Furey’s system of bodyweight exercises, I decided to order his book and video and check it out for myself. Guess what? They’re right. I believe his calisthenics have value. His "Royal Court" of three bodyweight exercises is demanding – and fun. I’m not prepared to say that his system is better than a combination of weight training and high-intensity aerobics for producing functional strength and endurance, as he suggests, but it definitely deserves a place in a well rounded training program, at least occasionally. I can even see doing his bodyweight exercises exclusively when you need a change of pace, as we all do from time to time, or when traveling.

It only took two sessions with Furey’s Hindu Squats and the Hindu Pushups to convince me that he’s onto something worthwhile....
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I really love these exercises, especially the Hindu push-ups. They really work the upper body and feel good, too. My back always feels nicely stretched afterwards. Also, Hindu push-ups and squats have made a noticeable difference in my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, helping me to feel more loose and fluid on the ground.

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