Friday, January 11, 2013

Burpee/Boxing Intervals for Turbocharged Conditioning

Tired of jogging, jumping rope, and running sprints? Ross Enamait wrote a great article about combining boxing and burpees for a fantastic conditioning workout. In a nutshell...
Burpee Intervals are one of the best conditioning drills. These intervals consist of Burpees and shadow boxing. For example, you will perform...
  • Burpees x 30 seconds
  • Shadow box x 30 seconds
  • Continue for 2 - 3 minutes
You will begin with 30 seconds of Burpees, and immediately follow with 30 seconds of shadow boxing. Continue this pattern for a full 2 or 3-minute round. You will then rest 1 minute (or 30 seconds) between each round.

You can wear a wristwatch to monitor time. You can also determine the number of Burpees that you can perform per 30 seconds. For example, if you perform 15 Burpees in 30 seconds and throw 100 punches in 30 seconds, you will not need to keep track of time. Counting repetitions may be helpful if you train alone.
To get ready to take my test to become a mixed-martial arts instructor, I did this sort of workout several times a week for about two months. It really improved my conditioning.

To read all of Enamait's article, click here.

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