About This Blog

This blog is about my continuing efforts to be improve myself, be a better person, and lead a good life. It incorporates such far flung topics as fitness, martial arts, music, style, food and drink, and personal philosophy.

The name of the blog is a play on words.

"A Gent in Training" refers to how I see myself. I was raised to not only be a gentleman (Southern U.S. variety) but a gentle man. Since both are ongoing processes, I am a gent in training. 

The blog's name can also be read as "Agent in Training." This is a nod to my fondness of spy films and fiction. Like many men, I have always found characters like Harry Palmer, John Drake, and of course James Bond very inspirational. This is reflected in the content of the blog.

Lastly, no sexism or gender bias should be implied by the name of my blog. I write from a male point of view simply because I am male. Many of the things I write about should be equally useful to women, especially regarding subjects such as fitness and self-defense.